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COVID-19: A Message of Hope and Faith Repentance from Prince of Peace Homecare

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  1. Steve Atkins

    My family likes to do nice things for others all year long, but we tend to do more during the holidays. Every year, we make care packages for the residents of Prince Of Peace Homecare, which came to be after I spoke with a nurse who works there. She told me how 40% of the residents don’t get visitors, cards or phone calls at Christmas, and I wanted to make that statistic a bit lower. It was then that my children and I put together these care packages for nursing homes, which always brings a smile to those who receive them. But there are restrictions as to what can be in a care package and what a nursing home is able to accept as donations. So, today I am sharing a list of nursing home care package ideas, so you are ready to help, if you feel inclined to do so!

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